Electric Car Straight Driving Force System Assembly

According to the environmental adaptability, reliability, safety, energy saving and otherrequirements, the innovative development of pure electric bus power system and verification

System Features:
■ Domestic first dual power supplies, dual-source power motors, automatic transmissionsand other components of the "electric + electric" hybrid system solutions;
■Play super capacitor power characteristics, so that battery power at relatively low SOCstate working conditions have improved, longer battery life, and extend battery SOC workspace, thus increasing the vehicle continues the course;
■EMT three-gear transmission, vehicle dynamic performance significantly improved;
■ EMT three-gear gearbox, main drive motor operating point has been further optimized
■ High-speed motor, super capacitor + battery power complex, efficient power steering systems and other components and efficient brake energy recovery control strategies to further reduce power consumption per vehicle kilometer, compared to similar products saving more than 20%;
■High pressure composite electro-hydraulic power steering systems, vehicle traffic safety improved significantly;

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