Variable Speed Electric Vehicle Power System Assembly

  At present, there are various defects on the widely used fuel engine vehicles. Statistic shows that a common bus, which holds more than 80% of the road, uses only 40% of the power potential, and will falls to 25% in urban areas, more seriously, the emissions will pollute the environment. Since the 1990s, the environmental improvement voice of the world is growing, a variety of electric vehicles comes out. Over the years, HOHOMER is committed to resolve these defects and successfully developed a new type of hybrid devices. The so-called hybrid drive power apparatus is a motor in combination with an auxiliary power uniton the car as the driving force, the auxiliary power unit is actually a small fuel engine or power generator. This hybrid system not only has the advantage of engines, long operation time,good dynamic property, but also has advantage of electric motor, non-polluting, low-noise. Combine both together, the thermal efficiency of the car can be increased by 10%, emissions can be improved by more than 30%.

The mixed structure of hybrid electric drive system





The product technology has been identified by expert group of China Automobile Engineering Society organizations, which has reached the international advanced level.
Non-plug-in state,the average fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 20 liters 
level (12 m passenger cars, 18 tons fully loaded, air conditioning off), which is far ahead of similar products at home and abroad;
Pure electric time (engine shutdown state) Proportion is over 70%, the level of smart 
shutdown is also the best ;
Product PM particulate emissions reduced 90.3%;
The unique dual-source motors and dual power system design, product reliability and 
security is second to none home and abroad.    

Absolutely, in addition to the hybrid structure as well as a series connection mode and
parallel connection mode. But compared with the series, parallel connection hybrid systems, hybrid powertrain system can be more flexible, according to working condition, regulate the power output of the internal combustion engine and the motor running, so as to achieve optimum fuel efficiency. Mixed type hybrid drive system features, engine designed at the beginning of the engine made, mainly required that: Vehicle engine should be able to run normally under various circumstances when speed is over 50kw / h and the drive motor is not involved in the work. in order to meet the design requirements of engine power should reach 142kw. In the hybrid drive motor in hybrid drive will play a role in motor than obvious. It must be provided prior to 50kw / h for vehicle power, and the power to be powerful acceleration performance, in order to achieve this the design requirements of the drive motor power should reach 90kw.

Main Technical Characteristics:
  The development of hybrid hybrid drive system can meet all the needs of complex
conditions, with the structure of a mature, simple, reliable, low emissions, high fuel economy and other characteristics, the following is vehicle

performance parameters:

Maximum speed: 80km / h
Maximum gradeability: ≥20%
In slope capability: ≥20%
Acceleration (0-50km / h): ≤18s
The maximum braking distance: meet and surpass the national standard
The maximum electric power ratio: ≥50%
The degree of mixing: ≥35%
Saving rate: ≥25%
  The system is widely used in Xiamen Golden Dragon, Xiamen King Long, Higer Bus Suzhou,
Zhengzhou Yutong, Yangzhou Yaxing, Shanghai Sunwin, Nanjing Jinlong, Hefei Ankai Bus Factory production 10-12m bus. And a lot of running in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Kunming, Haikou, Nanjing, Nantong, Tangshan, Tianjin, Hohhot and other cities.




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