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Product Brief:

   To use the sine wave control the effective motors is specially designed for our electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles and other electric vehicle.. The adoption of classic design principle and the most reasonable circuit design effectively reduce the cogging torque ripple and harmonic torque ripple and improve the control precision, effectively guarantee the whole vehicle system runs smoothly and efficiently for a long time



Product Description:

Product features:

♦High performance, high efficiency
♦Wide platform of work efficiency
♦Start without noise, big torque
♦Running smooth, ultra-quiet
♦Smooth and comfortable torque output
♦High reliability and longer life

Technical Parameters:

Name Self-balancing Wheelbarrow Motor
Wheel  Size (inch) 12” ×2.125” 46” ×2.125” 16” ×2.125” 
Rated Voltage V 24V-72V
Rated Power W 300W-350W
 Cover Type  Surface Cover
Cover Colour BlackRedChampagneGreyWhiteBlu/Gold


 Typical Applications:




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