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HC-06D02 Series controllers
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Product Brief:

  Relying on a strong R & D team, mature technology, the balancing electric unicyclecontroller, independently researched and developed by Hohomer,  has been widely used invarious brands of various types of unicycles.Our controller with the features of intelligent design, stable and reliable performance, wideapplication, easy to use and so on. won the majority of customers favorite



Product Description:

Product features:

•Using 32-bit ARM micro controller and imported gyroscope to achieve precise control.
•Adopting sine wave to drive, very powerful and super sense of experience.
•Multiple protection, escort for your entertainment and travel.
•Unique design, selected materials, beautiful and durable.
•Intelligent detection, real-time monitoring.
•Running smooth, ultra-quiet
•High performance, high efficiency

Technical Parameters:


 Typical Applications:


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