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Product Brief:

HM-90 series CMB drive motor has gravity die-casting aluminum shell, inlaid with brass screw HM-90 series CMB drive motor has gravity die-casting aluminum shell, inlaid with brass screw inside the casing waterway cooling, cooling effect, the unique appearance of new, high- performance silicon steel stator, rotor cast aluminum, lightweight structure , small size, light weight, low cost, shaft extension installed photoelectric encoder or resolver, drive motors are widely suitable for all types of hybrid, pure electric CMB, construction machinery and other fields.

Product Description:

Product Features :
*Using two or three gear variable speed drive, vehicles are well-done in climbing slope, good acceleration, nice power performance, climbing slope>25%, maximum speed >85Km;
*No clutch, no mechanical automatic transmission synchronizer, simple structure, high reliability, long life, no maintenance costs;
* AC variable frequency motor working in the high efficiency, low energy consumption, prolong and even driving distance (5% -10%);
* Overcome the higher harmonic frequency power breakdown of the motor windings and the impact on noise and vibration of the motor, with a high efficiency, light weight, stable performance, safety factor advantages;
* Using reasonable motor vehicle cooling, there is brass waterways within the motor housing cooling, thermal conductivity and excellent cooling effect;
*According to customer needs, achieve oil, motor, gear Trinity structural settings, saves space, avoid installation errors, the motor and oil machine hybrid drive to be the perfect combination to achieve;
* test results meet GB / T18488.1-2006 آ«electric vehicle motors and controllers Part 1:Technical conditions» requirements. Individual projects indicators than the national standard, the product overall performance reached the international advanced standards.

Technical Parameters:

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