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HC-60D40 series midibus controllers
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Product Brief:

  HC-60D40 series of midibus controllers adopts advanced vector control and unique core algorithm,combined with excellent hardware and software design structure , which ensure that the motor can run smoothly in different mode. The advanced controlling technology guarantees efficient use of the battery,reduces the loss of motor power and  torque converter and also enables regenerative braking at the state of full speed and high torque , thus greatly improve the vehicle speed and mileage.

Product Description:

 Product features:

●States TI's DSP control chip and advanced vector algorithm technology to achieve precise control of motor torque transfer and ensure the controller can always provide the best energy efficiency;
●Taking the MOSFET from the world's top brands Infineon as the  power devices to achieve low noise, high efficiency of energy conversion;
●It is easily to program the controller by interface. The software can be customized for different requirements to meets customers demands.
●The perfect protection function of  improving acceleration fault, over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection, providing protection for motor and controller.
●Flexibly achieve energy feedback control, improve vehicle mileage
●Suitable for to any type of AC motor (simply modify parameters)

Technical Parameters: 

Input voltage DC 260-365V
Peak power 60KW
Max output current AC 330A
Control method Torque
Communication mode Can2.0
Cooling method Water cooling
Dimension 240*212*126
Environment temperature —40~85℃
Ddfense grade IP65


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