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HM-15 New Energy Vehicle Motor
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Product Brief:

Compared with the DC brush, HM-15 series truck drive motor is lighter, smaller, lower temperature, a higher protection degree ;  AC induction motor is lifelong maintenance-free and the maximum motor efficiency can reach 90% -94%, while DC brush motor efficiency only 75% -79%, So the vehicle have more stable performance, run longer range and life under the same conditions.

Product Description:

Product Features :

●Powerful motivation: light weight and compact Hohomer motors provide powerful motivation. small size motor gives more space for the vehicle battery and has biger torque than the same volume motor, conducive to reducing the acceleration time when starting and improve the ability to overtake a vehicle at high speed.

●Super efficiency: There are a wide range of high efficiency. It is evident that the continuous torque and power density of Hohomer motorwas is higher than the standard of same industry. The driving mileage is greatly extended.

●Excellent durability: long life time, maintenance free, be able to run for a long time under the bad environment and working conditions, high temperature resistance. Users can witness the reliability of the Hohomer motor.

Technical Parameters:

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