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Product Brief:

  The controller is the heart part of the automotive vehicle control that collects the accelerator pedal signal, brake pedal signal, and other signal components, and makes an appropriate judgment, controls the operation of each component of the underlying controller to make the vehicles drive normally. As a command and management center of the car,its main function is to control the operation of the vehicle contains, including driving torque control, braking energy optimization control, vehicle energy management, CAN network maintenance and management, The diagnosis methods and treatment measure , the vehicle status monitoring and so on.

Product Description:

Product Features :
• a powerful and smart microprocessor
• strict current limit and torque control
• low electromagnetic interference, strong anti-interference, anti-vibration  performance
• indicating various abnormal conditions to facilitate testing and maintenance
• having a battery protective function: when the voltage is low,alarm promptly and current decay, or stop the output to protect the battery
• appearance and rapid heat-dissipating aluminum housing
• multilayer metal-plated copper connectors, plug connectors, strong anti-rust and conductivity
• including over-temperature protection: when the temperature is too high or too low, the current decays automatically to protect battery and controller
• throttle protection: the throttle signal will be tested when the accelerator is opened by the key, if the signal is too high, there is without output to ensure its safety
• easy to install
• connect the CAN debug module can be configured controller

Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage DC 12V OR 24V
Frequency 48MHz
Standby current <15mA
Standard pedal input 0-5K Resistance ±10%
Temperature rate 一30℃ ~ 120℃
Electric capacity Peak 3A,Constant 1A


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