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Product Brief:

  The high efficiency and torque 100kW inverter double winding induction motor, can be used as a direct-drive electric motor bus, which has squirrel-cage rotor copper bars, water base and self-sealing temperature bearing grease, more efficient than the electric bus market with the power levels of induction motor drive 2% -3%, while the cost lower than the same power level of permanent magnet synchronous motor, easy to maintain with simple control system.

Product Description:

Product Features :
*Using two or three gear variable speed drive, vehicles are well-done in climbing slope, good acceleration, nice power performance, climbing slope>25%, maximum speed >85Km;
*No clutch, no mechanical automatic transmission synchronizer, simple structure, high reliability, long life, no maintenance costs;
* AC variable frequency motor working in the high efficiency, low energy consumption, prolong and even driving distance (5% -10%);
* Overcome the higher harmonic frequency power breakdown of the motor windings and the impact on noise and vibration of the motor, with a high efficiency, light weight, stable performance, safety factor advantages;
* Using reasonable motor vehicle cooling, there is brass waterways within the motor housing cooling, thermal conductivity and excellent cooling effect;
*According to customer needs, achieve oil, motor, gear Trinity structural settings, saves space, avoid installation errors, the motor and oil machine hybrid drive to be the perfect combination to achieve;
* test results meet GB / T18488.1-2006 آ«electric vehicle motors and controllers Part 1:Technical conditions» requirements. Individual projects indicators than the national standard, the product overall performance reached the international advanced standards.

Technical Parameters:

Input voltage DC 540V
Rated power  100KW
Rated speed/ Peak speed 950r/min 3000r/min
Peak torque 2600 N·m
Max efficiency 93%
Insulation grade H
Dinension 528*838mm
Cooling method water cooling

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