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HC-60D60 series bus controllers
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Product Brief:

   Used to control the drive motor, is designed for hybrid and electric vehicles main drive system, with DC input and output of voltage variable frequency dedicated controller for three-phase alternating current, the products posses an excellent control performance with the international high-quality frequency converter,  adopting a non-synchronized with the international advanced level speed sensorless vector control technology and the speed sensorless vector control technology

Product Description:

Product features:
☆Using 32-bit ARM micro controller and imported gyroscope to achieve precise control.
☆Adopting sine wave to drive, very powerful and super sense of experience.
☆Multiple protection, escort for your entertainment and travel.
☆Unique design, selected materials, beautiful and durable.
☆Intelligent detection, real-time monitoring.
☆Running smooth, ultra-quiet
☆High performance, high efficiency
☆Integrated power AC power for charging the vehicle, the vehicle on the grid discharge power to the load of the vehicle, the vehicle for vehicle charging and discharging technology, integrated vehicle control technology;
☆Adapting to different standards of different national grid power system.

Technical Parameters:


Input voltage:200-600VDC
Rated voltage:540VDC
Rated current:270A
Max current:600A
Output frequency :0-500HZ
Adaptation motor:Three-phase AC asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, three-phase brushless 
Motor power:120KW
defense grade:IP54
Cooling method:Forced air cooling


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