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HCG-D48 series Intelligent DC charger
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Product Brief:

  HCG-D48 Intelligent DC series charger adopts advanced high frequency PWM-ZVS soft switching technology. With small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, practicality, and other characteristics, it also have many functions such as small current activation, large constant current pulse and automatic float switch.Four sections of dc + Composite pulse fast charging curve can ensure sufficient battery power effectively and extend life of battery. Perfect protection mechanisms is able to guarantee safety of charger and battery. It can be widely used in the cycling charge of lead acid battery of storage battery car, electric forklift, electric car, electric sightseeing car, electric golf cart, electric tractor, electric lift truck, electric transportation, wind power generation and rail communication system.

Product Description:

Product Features:  

1.Advanced technology: adopt high frequency PWM-ZVS soft switching technology; Has high efficiency, low ripple coefficient and high output power quality
2.High Reliability: All of core components come from top-notch importing factory’s industrial devices
3.High safety: Perfect protection mechanisms is able to guarantee safety of charger and battery.
4.Intelligent charge: Four sections of dc + Composite pulse fast charging technology are able to achieve better results even though without human intervention.
5.Strong extensibility: Multimachine parallel interface is conducive to power expansion
6.Small size and light weight: reasonable structural layout and thermal design optimize mass-to-volume ratio of whole machine.  



Technical Parameters:       

Input voltage220VAC±15%50Hz±5% 
Output power1000W 
Applicable battery48V  70Ah~180Ah 
Output current0~18A / 0~14A 
Electric network regulation1.9%  
Load regulation0.4% 
Ripple coefficient0.8% 
Transfer efficiency92% 
Protected mode: Input overvoltage, input undervoltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent,  output short circuit, battery reverse
Operating temperature-15° ~ +40° 
Operating humidity+5 ~ +95%RH 
Cooling method Forced cooling
Shell size350mm×140mm×88mm 
Safety indexinsulation resistance≥20Mwithstand voltage1500V1min  
level of protectionIP20

Charge characteristic:

Four-stage intelligent charging curve(small current activation→Large current constant current→Fixed pressure flow→ floating charge) is used in the charging process. The battery is recharged by small current at first. It can help to fully activate the rechargeable battery and improve the ability to accept large current charging charge in the second stage.The intermittent pulse current will be inserted which will activat original vulcanized plates and effectively reduce the battery plate vulcanizing phenomenon.Compared with the traditional three-stage charging, this way is more reasonable and effectively improve the battery usage. Embedded intelligent MCU control technology is integrated with the ways which is to identify battery power such as charging voltage rise rate(dv/dt), maximum charge voltage(Vmax), maximum charge time(Hmax) and so on. It can ensure battery not be over charged, under charged to achieve better charging effect.

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