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HCP-D series DC charging piles
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Product Brief:

  HOHOMER 's HCP-D series DC electric vehicle charging pile is mainly used for electric vehicle fast charging. The product is installed outdoors, waterproof, dustproof design, protection class IP54. This product will be charging interface, man-machine interface, communications, billing and other parts of the integration as a whole, the use of modular design, easy installation, simple operation and maintenance, and the cooperation of charger, lead to the ideal DC fast charging choice for electric vehicles outdoors.

Product Description:

Product  Features:

1.Wide Application Ranges: Applicable to public car parks, residential area, parking, private parking, and other businesses open yard with underground parking.

2.Diversification Charging, according to charging mode, charging piles can be divided into four classes: charging time, battery capacity, amount of the billed, charge to full. According to the starting methods, charging piles can be divided into two category: charging needed, switch charging. Strong Intuition: the use of embedded systems as the main controller, including IC card management, LCD, charging billing, charge management, telecommunications, and other functions that can run data to the background monitoring software, through the backstage master, administrators can Real-time monitoring of the operation of the exchange of intelligent charging pile, to provide protection for the system running well.

Steps of charging operation


•Insert the IC card and connect charging cable
•choose charging method
•Confirm charging
•After chare begins, please remove the IC card
•When the charging information need to be checked, pls insert the IC card and click on the check
•After charging is finished, please settle electricity charges by swiping card and print the bill.
•Pull out the IC card and charging cable. At this time, charging is complete.

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