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HCP-A series AC charging piles
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Product Brief:

  HCP-A series EV AC charging station is installed in airports, terminals, stations, commercial buildings and other public parking lots or street parking and other public places. It is important charging infrastructure for the small and medium-sized electric vehicle and also offer AC power for electric vehicles which have car charger.

Product Description:

Product Features:

•Using high-performance ARM chip; With high stability and control capabilities and powerful computing system resources, it make the product more stable and reliable.

•The human-computer interaction interface uses high-performance ARM chips and 7 inches of true color touch screen; This user-friendly design is easy to operate

•The human-computer interaction interface is connected with CAN bus and battery management unit (BMS) or automotive instrument. It runs in accordance with the given parameters of battery inspection(BMS) and sets different operating modes of charge to achieve fast charge.

•Offers perfect protection features such as AC input, output overcurrent protection, output current limiting / overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, reverse battery protection and so on

•Operation panel is made of aluminum casting mold which is beautiful and durable;

•The whole machine adopts waterproof and dustproof design.The protection class is IP54 which can satisfy the requirement of outdoor running

Steps of charging operation


•Insert the IC card and connect charging cable
•choose charging method
•Confirm charging
•After chare begins, please remove the IC card
•When the charging information need to be checked, pls insert the IC card and click on the check
•After charging is finished, please settle electricity charges by swiping card and print the bill.
•Pull out the IC card and charging cable. At this time, charging is complete.


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