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HB-48D41 series Low voltage Backup Power
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Product Brief:

  The product is designed for 48V systems integration module standardization, widely used in communications base stations, data centers, backup power and other fields, with the characteristics of high safety, high energy density, easy to use and so on.

Product Description:

Product features:

•Efficient cooling , thermal runaway predict, isolate and fire protection technology    

In order to obtain the heat discharge characteristics under the different conditions, give thermal prediction model, and combine the charge control and thermal management control to manage the current of charging and discharging of the battery pack and its temperature, through the studying of the voltage distribution characteristics inside the battery and the temperature distribution features.


• Supports cascade modular matrix group technology

To construct a model of optimal series parallel combination is based on the honeycomb structure by the reliability analysis of the cells in series and in parallel to achieve flexible anti-vibration, and form a high-performance, low-cost standardized battery module and then to adapt to different application scenarios vehicle battery system.


• Wisdom car networking and remote monitoring technology

Based on distributed systems, modularization, general protocol, remote transmission, data storage & processing, mining, artificial intelligenceand other key technologies, we have achieved great success in ROMS, data analysis, monitoring and control, and digged out the key components in the optimal operating state to improve and promote products, with collect data of the vehicle transmission information, battery information, travel information and geographic information and others.


Technical Parameters:

Brand: Hohomer
Model: 3.2V10Ah1865140
Rated capacity: 60000mah
Standard voltage: 48V
Charging current: 5-10A
Outer shell: 450*365*190mm
Application type: electromobile, product certification, others
The suitable product model: 48V60Ah power supply



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