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HBS-M2 seriesLarge and medium-sized car Intelligent BMS
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Product Brief:

  ntelligent battery management system for HBS-M2 series of large and medium-sized car mainly consists of a battery management unit BMU, main battery management system MBMS, the external sensors and actuators which can be configured. The system applies to electric cars, hybrid vehicles and electric buses, for all types of  battery packs with different size and groups, which achieves an initiative balance and battery management in the power battery pack. The system especially applies to flexible configurations of the power battery used in electric vehicles and other applications. Battery management system of PWEVBMS, PWE-BusBMS of electric vehicle are for battery packs made of Lithium-iron, lithium-manganese, ternary materials and so on.

Product Description:

Product Features:

 1 Battery voltage detection: use special high-precision voltage measurement chip, for accurate and timely monitoring of battery status and changes in the use of the process. to prevent effectively improper use of the battery.

2  Battery temperature detection: use the digital temperature measuring chip, with good scalability and high detection accuracy.

3 Current detection: Use the full range of precision sensors and high-precision integrated chips, to meet the need of current sensing and energy accumulation.

4 Insulation monitoring: detecting power between the battery and the vehicle chassis insulation resistance, and in accordance with the National Electric car GB / T 18384.1-18384.3-2001 grading standards for insulation

5 Thermal Management: according to the battery’s temperature, intelligent control of the fan and the heater operation to achieve thermal management.

6 The estimation of battery pack SOC: current sampling by the shunt to complete the measurement of current and the estimation of SOC and provide accurate data for other controlling functions.

7 the cumulative discharge capacity of the battery: the battery management system can record the accumulated charge-discharge capacity of the battery pack

8 Battery Failure Analysis and Online Alarm: BMS systems with self-diagnostic function, the system power voltage, temperature, communication, clock, memory, internal communications and other components for testing, but on the basis of relevant information on the battery overvoltage, undervoltage , over-current, over-temperature, SOC low / high battery failure and consistency judge and the police.

9 Communicate with vehicle equipment: BMS has the ability of 3 high-speed CAN communications.

10 Charge Management: BMS can achieve a variety of charging control functions

Technical Parameters:

1 BMS operating voltage range: 12V(9V~18V)or 24V(18V~30V)
2 BMS operating power (Rated / Peak): Master Unit: 3.6W / 26W high voltage detection unit: 1.75W / 24W control unit: 2.8W / 24W;
3 BMS static power: control unit: 30μA high voltage detection unit / slave unit: None
4 BMS Operating temperature range: -25  ~ 85 
5 BMS Storage temperature range (℃): -40  ~ 95 
6 BMS Operating humidity range (%): 0 to 85%
7 Single battery voltage detection range: 0 ~ 5V
8 Single battery voltage sampling accuracy:  ± 10mV (2V ~ 5V @ -25  ~ 55 ℃)
9 Single battery voltage sampling frequency: <30mS
10 The total voltage measuring range: 200V-500V
11 The total voltage detection accuracy: <0.5% FSR (FSR: Full Scale)
12 Temperature measuring range: -40 ~ 120 
13 Temperature detection accuracy:  1 
14 Current detection accuracy: <1% FSR (FSR: Full Scale) (range options: 100A, 200A, 300A, 500A, etc.)
15 Three ranks of insulation monitoring: 0: No fault (> 500 ohms / volt), 1: General failure (100 to 500 ohms / volt), 2: Serious faults (<100 ohms / volt) 
16 SOC estimation accuracy: <8% (pure electric operating) <10% to 15% (hybrid power operating)
17 The basis of insulation fault diagnosis: GB / T 18384.1-18384.3-2001
18 Balanced Mode: in the process of implementing the balance of charge & discharge
19 Balanced Current: ≤30mA
20 External CAN interface approaches: 3
21 The control approaches of the main control unit relay: 6 
22 The control approaches of the secondary control unit relay: 6 
23 Fault data and historical data logging function: yes

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