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Product Brief:

  Intelligent battery management system of Hohomer HBS-M1 Series is an important component of electric vehicles, energy storage power stations and communications bases. It is available to ensure safe and reliable operation of lithium ion battery packs, and do real-time monitoring and control of the battery by showing battery’s voltage, current, temperature, insulation, remaining power, health status and other information. Meanwhile the battery pack’s inside inconsistency power is equalized, thus its capacity and cycle life (charging & discharging cycles) are improved

Product Description:

 Product  Features:

1.Voltage detection of single cell 
2.Temperature detection of single cell
3.Battery’s passive equalization
4.Internal high-speed CAN communication interface
5.Failure analysis and alarm signal output
6.Communication with instruments, vehicle controllers and other related equipments to provide the necessary data
7.Communication with charging set to achieve battery charge management 
8.AC charging management control functions
9.DC charging management control functions
10.Operating parameters calibration function
11.User-friendly interface of the PC monitor to achieve the data analysis and database management
12.Provide 16 low-drive control outputs, No.1 high-drive control output
13.Provide 16 switch signals, 6 voltage type analog signal acquisition
14.Detect the operating current of the battery pack
15.Estimation of battery pack SOC
16.The detection of total battery voltage
17.Insulation resistance testing
18.Online programming function (optional)

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