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Product Brief:

  Storage BMS for HBS-M3 series is mainly used in rail transportation, port machinery, energy storage systems, backup power and other fields, adopting a distributed system topology with a control unit (BCU) in each management system, and a plurality of detection units (BMU). The various units are interconnected by a high speed CAN bus, to complete real-time transmission and control of data. BMU is responsible for single battery voltage detection, battery temperature detection, balance control and fan control, sending the battery data and the real-time work status of the battery cells to BCU and other monitoring equipment via the CAN bus. BCU is in charge of battery current detection, the accumulated amount of charge and discharge, the total voltage ’s calculation, SOC estimation, insulation state detection and relay control.

Product Description:

Product Features:                                                                                                                                                                                        

• modular construction,strong expandability,can support 360 series batteries maximum in series
•Testing voltage of cell with high precision(±2mV); Offering overcharge and overdischarge protection
• Multipoint temperature with high precision; the detection precision can be ±1℃.
• Support active full-time balance.Instantaneous equilibrium current is more than 5A and average equilibrium current is more than 2A.It can prevent the imbalance between the cells, maintain capacity of battery pack and extend battery’s life
•CAN2.0 high-speed bus is adopted in internal data transmission system. Data feedback can be efficient and timely.
•High precision current sensing (±1%) can prevent overlarge charge and discharge current and damage of battery life.
•Distributed SoC estimation is used in each series of battery. Every battery can be controlled accordingly by battery power management


Main application:
•Photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy storage system
•Peak FM energy storage system
•Community, schools, research institutions and other distributed container energy storage system.

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