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HBP-60D70 series DC Power Supply
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Product Brief:

  This power is a kind of high accuracy DC power supply, with three-phase power input, single-output, which could reach 450kW. With high accuracy, high stability and good electrical characteristics, it provides high-power ultra-low ripple DC power supply, makes the product more stable performance on the production line. It has perfect protection function, simple operation, easy to use, which could let customers grasp in the shortest possible time. Compared with the switching power supply, it has below advantages : high precision, small ripple, no high-frequency radiation interference, for wide application range. What is more, it could be used in capacitors, relays, resistors and other components for sophisticated test, could also be used in thermistor, motors and other electronic components experimental testing.

Product Description:

Products Features:

High-power high-frequency switching power supply, with multiple modules in parallel, each controller uses an advanced RS485 network control system, high precision control, RS485 network control system uses a digital signal control mode, the control signal without attenuation, remote control distance could reach 1.2KM. Among each  module, use automatic current technology: the external controller set a certain current, so the system will assign current to all of the following unit modules averagely, the flow coefficient between the modules are all within 1% . Each module is exactly the same so that when replacing a module, just change the address code  to be the same as the replaced one. Each module has a hot-swappable function, so replacing module can be done when it is working, without affecting normal production. Water-cooled high-power high-frequency switching power has different modules on the forward and backward, they use the forward module when forward, use a reverse module when it is backward.It adopts PLC + touch screen control, operation, performance and user productivity implement automatic control and provides a standard RS485 interface or 4 ~ 20MA, 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5V control signal.

Technical Parameters:

Input Voltage: Three-phase AC380V±10%5060HZ
Output Current: 0600A DC
Output Voltage: 0700V
Regulation Accuracy:≤1%
Steady Flow Accuracy: ≤1%
Rated Efficiency: ≥90%
Power Factor: ≥0.99
Ripple Factor: 1% to 3%
Operating Environment: -10 ~ 45 
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 50 
Cooling System: All water-cooled
Operational State: 24 hours at full load operation
Load Type:  level

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