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  In 2014, based on the ISO26000 guideline of continuously optimizing sustainable development management system, Hohomer Develop and publish a sustainable development policy, procedures, baseline and maturity assessment tools, etc. Thereby, the sustainable development has been pushed towards more systematic and deeper.  The following is the major progress in sustainable development management system:
  Issuing sustainable development policies, which comprehensively states Huawei position and attitude of sustainable development, as well as the general requirements about the key areas. Based on the company mainline of Sustainable development, all business groups makes various detailed policies to guide related work, including employee care, environmental protection, social welfare and so on. 
  Refreshing Huawei sustainable development management process, which will consolidate sustainable development management to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable development efforts.
  Establishing the sustainable development indicators collection, covering management systems, employee practices, environmental protection, fair operation, consumer rights, the elimination of the digital division and social welfare, etc., in a comprehensive and systematic measurement and assessment of Huawei's sustainable development.
  Developing a mature assessment tool for sustainable development, From the ten dimensions of strategy & policy, risk management, goals and five grades to assess the maturity of Huawei various sustainable business module.
     Enacting sustainable development baseline, conducting a gap analysis of the business status, developing improvement measures, and blending the requirements of the Sustainable Development into policies, processes and other activities to ensure the implementation of sustainable development requirements are implemented.

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